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The Family

Cancer affects all of us.  I lost my wife, June, to lung cancer 13 years ago and her sister, Roni, lost her ten-year battle with cancer a year later. Together with Chef Ramon, June and Roni's cousin and an accomplished sushi chef, we created Sushi for a Cure as a way to celebrate life with great food, and honor everyone in our lives who is touched by cancer.


I also lost my parents too early in life - my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40, which metastasized in her bone marrow eight years later, and she passed at 48. My dad had lymphoma and passed at 56.

Above are a few photos of June, Diane, and Ray.

Together with my daughter, Sophia, and son, Jared, we strive to continue the rich tradition of creating a wonderful event in support of a great and important cause.

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